Nemours, KidsHealth, and Emmi Solutions joined forces to create EmmiKids®, a powerful online interactive learning tool to increase patient satisfaction and outcomes.

Each EmmiKids program provides a robust, animated online educational experience covering:

  • reasons for surgery
  • basics of the condition
  • what to expect before, during, and after the procedure
  • risks and benefits
  • alternatives

Nemours specialists served as advisors throughout the production process, from script development to reviewing animations. Currently, 21 EmmiKids programs cover the following procedures (many are also available in Spanish):

Pediatric Anesthesia
Cardiac Catheterization:
For ASD or PDA
Tonsillectomy With Possible Adenoidectomy
Upper GI Endocscopy
General Surgery and Procedures:
Blood Transfusion
Hernia Repair (female)
Inguinal Hernia or Hydrocele Repair (male)
Lumbar Puncture
Splints & Casts
Spinal Fusion for Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis
Hypospadias Repair

How to Assign an Emmi Program for Online Viewing:

Patient families can access EmmiKids anywhere with Internet access by using the login and password provided by a Nemours Associate. Emmi tracks and stores viewing, making it a valuable tool for risk management.

What Families Say about Emmi Programs:

EmmiKids programs can have a powerful impact on managing patient expectations and increasing patient satisfaction. Here are results compiled over a four-month period through an optional online survey of N/AIDHC parents who viewed EmmiKids. Here’s what respondents said about EmmiKids programs:

  • 100% said it affected their understanding of surgery
  • 97% said it increased their comfort level
  • 95% said it provided new information
  • 95% said it increased confidence in their doctor
  • 89% said it answered questions and saved a call to their doctor
  • 87% said it covered risks they didn’t know about previously
  • 92% plan to share EmmiKids with family or friends
  • 92% said it improved understanding of what to expect before
  • 100% said it improved understanding of what to expect after

How to Access Emmi Programs via the GetWellNetwork:

Additionally, the partnership created EmmiSafety, a general program appropriate for all families of children having a medical procedure. EmmiSafety can be viewed by families without an access code online at Nemours.org or via the GetWellNetwork at N/AIDHC. Currently, 80% of all inpatients at N/AIDHC view the Emmi safety video through GetWellNetwork prompts that appear on room TVs upon admission.

View the EmmiSafety program

For more information on how to use EmmiKids here at Nemours, contact Pamela Jenkins.

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