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KidsHealth Resource Center for Nemours Associates

The Center for Health Delivery Innovation (CHDI) creates digital tools to make healthcare simpler for families. This Resource Center provides an overview of the KidsHealth patient education  available to Nemours providers to support your practice and enhance patient satisfaction and outcomes.

Who Uses KidsHealth from Nemours?

With more than 300 million visits a year, KidsHealth from Nemours has a national and international reach. We receive traffic from almost every country in the world. KidsHealth’s high Google domain authority ranking ensures that it’s a trustworthy, reliable, and easy-to-find site.

What’s the Difference Between and provides family-friendly general health information. provides specific information on Nemours locations, providers, and how Nemours treats conditions.

There are a variety of ways funnels visitors to Services are promoted via banners that are targeted based on the content and the location of the visitor. For example, a visitor from southeastern PA may see an banner promoting Nemours Primary Care when they view an article on a common childhood infection.

Additionally, all KidsHealth reviewers are acknowledged as an expert reviewer at the beginning and end of each article. Each reviewer’s name is linked to his/her Find-a-Doc profile or clinical division on One click takes the user to the appropriate page on to learn more and make an appointment.

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